Hey there! I’d love to make some art with you. I’ve been doing commissions for several years now and I am an excellent collaborator with a fast turn around time. Whether it’s fanart, your fursona, or just a horny image for your personal collection, I am open minded and judgement free! I have some basic rules & guidelines. Please read them so we can have a quick, efficient exchange and so I can get to work for you right away!

I respond only to email, but inquiries are free & encouraged! In your inquiry, even if you think you won’t get a commission, please include your paypal address just in case! It saves us both a step when it comes to getting you an invoice. And I WILL invoice you after I’ve given you a quote — do NOT just send me cash, please! The prices listed below are BASE prices and may vary depending on complexity and number of characters. Currently I only accept payment through Paypal in USD. I expect payment in full & will not begin your piece until I have confirmation the invoice has been paid. I do not give refunds once I’ve begun working on your piece, and do not give unlimited notes/corrections so in your contact email be sure to include relevant references and be specific about what you want: the general 'vibe' or mood of the image, the character(s) expression, the pose/action/activity you'd like to see happening. The more you tell me, the easier it is for me to create what you want! All commissions, unless we agree otherwise, are for personal/private use only. 🔞WHEN YOU PAY ME FOR ADULT CONTENT YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGING YOU ARE 18+ AS I ONLY CREATE ADULT CONTENT FOR OTHER ADULTS.🔞

I WILL DO: GORE, PORN, GORN, ANTHRO, FETISH/KINK STUFF, CUTE CUDDLES, PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF!!! JUST ASK IF YOU’RE NOT SURE!! THE WORST THAT I’LL SAY IS ‘NOPE!’ Private commissions are also 100% cool with me! If you do not request your commission remain private, I will assume I have your permission to post it on my social media pages.

I WILL NEVER DO: Anything that involves children/minors in sexual and/or violent situations. No bestiality. No hate garbage (racism, transphobia etc) Do not ask, this is not up for negotiation.




A rough sketch with unfinished/ 'sketchy' linework & simple monochrome color blocking. For this tier of commission I do NOT provide pose selection or progress updates and as a rule do not do changes/notes, so be very clear about what you request, please! The base price is generally 20$ (more if the character in question is complex and/or there are complex props) and for each additional character, add 10$ (subject to the same rule about complexity). Generally I don't get fancy with rough sketches since they're meant to be quick n' sloppy but we can discuss if this is the tier you'd prefer to go with! Contact me if this is what you’re after!



A rough sketch with sketchy but slightly more polished linework & cel shade coloring blocking. For this commission tier I'll send you final pose approval before I begin coloring, but please be specific in your request as I will not do unlimited notes/changes. The base price is generally 40$ (more if the character in question is complex and/or there are complex props) and for each additional character, add 20$ (subject to the same rule about complexity). As above, generally I don’t get more complex with that for sketches, but I’ll make exceptions on a case by case basis! Contact me if you need more information!



Clean line art and cel shade color blocking. For this commission tier I will send you updates on the pose(s) I'm considering for your approval, the pre-lineart sketch and the final lineart. After the lineart is approved you MAY NOT make any changes, but minor adjustments to the flat color blacking are fine. The base price is generally 60$ (more if the character in question is complex and/or there are complex props) and for each additional character, add 30$ (subject to the same rule about complexity), and if you want lighting effects (complex shading & light sources), add 20$. Backgrounds available on request and priced on case-by-case basis. Contact me here to get some fancy art for yourself!



I love traditional media and have a special affection for watercolors. I also enjoy working with ink! Since traditional media consumes real world materials & is more time consuming, traditional work is priced accordingly. Please understand that if you live outside of Australia, there is a very low likelihood I can ship your piece to you for a reasonable price, something that is 100% out of my control. We can discuss shipping after your piece is complete if it’s something you want to physically own, but be aware that international shipping is a SIGNIFICANT cost (anywhere from 20-50+$!). I will of course provide you with progress updates and a final, high res digital image of your piece!

INK 50$USD+ (paper, ink, nibs, moderate time consumption)
An inked piece! Cost varies based on complexity and number of characters and other elements (props, backgrounds, etc). Changes NOT possible after you have approved the final sketch. I will keep you updated on my progress as I work on the piece.

WATERCOLOR 100$USD+ (paper, paint, brushes, heavy time consumption)
A watercolor painting of whatever you like! I can use just watercolor or go mixed media. Like above, complexity and other elements effect the cost of the piece. Watercolor painting is very time & material consuming, and changes are NOT possible after you’ve approved the final sketch! I will keep you updated on my progress as I work on the piece.

If you have something specific in mind that doesn’t quite fit into the above categories, contact me! It’s free to ask!



I’m also available for commercial projects! Comics, zines, whatever you think I’d be a good fit for, I’m probably going to be game!! I’m a fast learner and a hard worker with excellent collaboration and communication skills, and I have years of experience with both digital & traditional media.

My contact information is HERE! I hope I hear from you soon!

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